Eta Carinæ [EP]

by Theves

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The debut EP takes you into space, turns you towards Earth and makes you contemplate philosophy, science and mortality, amongst other things. Half of all profit made will be donated to The Royal Canadian Legion, Royal British Legion and the Carl Sagan Foundation.


released 22 June 2011

Produced and composed by Andrew Halliwell.
Mixed and mastered by Darron Atkinson at




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Theves Vancouver, British Columbia

Through a series of poorly thought out and inevitably regretful decisions, made the choice to release his entire film catalogue to date under the Creative Commons licence for content creators around the world to use for free. Songs will available for free download as well as paid options. The philosophy being: thou shall not prohibit fans from appreciating and supporting a work. ... more

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Track Name: Andrew Halliwell - Intro
Track Name: Andrew Halliwell - Float, Part Two
I can't hear my footsteps
I can't see my feet
Take me underwater
I'll cut through the fear

Open up the ground,
and paint it blue
We'll put your head down
When something leaves you

Who know where we go
but promise me when my time comes
you will rescue me from floating on alone.
Track Name: Andrew Halliwell - Furniture
I've read the news, and it's getting old.
Yeah, they've got the shirt off your back

Ohh, ohh

Those days were fun, when you could run
with money like it was scissors

Ohh, ohh.

But when you've lost it all, you've lost it all.
Along with the furniture,
furniture, furniture, furniture.

I've heard the news, and it's not that good.
But at least it gives me something to concentrate on,
and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on.

When I'm asleep at night,
asleep at night, asleep at night,
asleep at night, asleep at night,
asleep at night, asleep at night,
asleep at night.

The moment you wake it's hanging over your,
the moment you wake it's hanging over your.

You know the rules, you know the rules.

But you've just gotta play nice x14
Track Name: Andrew Halliwell - Stars
I want to save young minds from faith.
May I say that, I have faith that, they can take the truth.

I wonder why, those countries fight.
Wars at land and sea,
and that comforts you.

I know when I look at that sky,
the stars that shine at me,
are gods to you.
Track Name: Andrew Halliwell - The Demon-haunted World
Maybe it's a fear of the invisible.
All that's incorporeal,
that opens the door
into a demon-haunted world, but.

Before I fight off the evil that I hide,
maybe there's a chance that I believe a lie.

A demon-haunted world wains into
a dark that unfurls without truth.

Now here's some help.
Think for yourself.
The demon-haunted world.